Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Hello cuties!
It's such a long time ago since I posted the last review!
(one month is too much for me lol)

I finally decided to start posting videos on my Youtube Channel
so I will be making one great review for Klenspop when
I collect some lenses I have from them!
I actually need a better camera because the one I have
really lights up my face too much and it's not really
good quality, so I will be using one I leaned from a friend.

Ok enough talking, let's get started!

I got two pair of lenses sponsored from Klenspop
And I will be starting with my favourite ones, the violet ones.
And by the way, I want to thank them for giving me another
chance to try out their products and for giving me this 
awesome purple lenses because they knew I wanted that
so bad and they gave it to me.
Thank you so much I love you


Lens Info

Brand: T.TOP

Diameter: 14mm

Graphic Diameter: 13.6mm

Water Content: 38%

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Life Span: 1 year disposal
Country of origin: South Korea
Price Includes: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

I loved them so much, they are defenitely my favourite at the moment!!
Like I said, I wanted to have purple lenses a while ago but I didn't find
good ones I wasn't satisfied.
But this ones are so perfect

Okay let's start!
I received my package 4 days ago so it was pretty fast
but this time it was more slow than the other times I got
lenses from them but it was my fault too because the post officer came to
my house to give the package but there was nobody home,
so I had to wait one whole day so they would give me the option to ask
to bring it back or go by myself.

But it is really far so I was lazy and asked them to bring it back

When I received my package it was pretty big, like the other time
because there were two pairs of lenses in it.

          I was really excited to open the box so it was at night,
so you might think the photos are a little dark (I hope not)

This is what I got inside of it, 2 lenses boxes all wraped with
bubble wrap.
I am always so excited to open packages I love it!

Then when I removed the bubble wrap

I am going to review the last one you see in the picture
I don't know why, but I love the image.

As you can see there is a contact lens manual at the backside
so you can follow the steps and put the lens in your eye and
remove it without problems even if it's your first time.

The colors look so much lighter than the example picture of
the website but that does not mean they do not look purple on your eyes.

They actually look so big I was afraid of putting them in my eye.
I also had a little bit of issues with putting them in my eye
because I didn't let it rest enough in it's solution because I
wanted to make this review as soon as possible and all I
got is the biggest shock ever.
I put one lens in my eye and then closed my eye for making sure
it goes to it's place but then it wasn't there anymore.
I was so scared and closed my eye multiple of times
hoping that it will show, so THEN IT DID and I could
remove it and believe me otherwise I had to go to the hospital
because I don't want to have a lens stuck in behind my eyeball
I hope we all learned from my story and wait for our new lenses
and put them in their solution for at least +8h
Well, so here go my pictures!
I tried some makeup so you will see the difference!
This are the make up looks that I tried with
this lenses, let's check them out!
In this look I just used eyeliner and mascara, and a little bit of white powder.
Then it looked more blueish and natural.


In this look I used my actual makeup, just eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and lower eyelashes too.

In this make up look, I wanted to use my new eyeshadow palette so I
choose light blue, and it turned out to look like this.

Tell me which you liked the most in the comments below!

Now I'm in vacation and I finally had time to post this review
I am extremely late and I apologize, but I swear I didn't
had the time, my exams were killing me, I even deleted Facebook
and abandoned my Instagram just for concentrate.

But now I'm here to finish everything I let behind me.
I loved this lenses so much and I thank Klenspop again
for letting me try their products.

Don't forget to visit them in ther site HERE
And for Japanese people! Lenspop made a new site for japan in japanese HERE
 Color 4/5
Confort 5/5
Quality 5/5
I hope this review wasn't too long I did my best choosing the best pictures and stuff, I will be posting more in the future if Klenspop likes how I make reviews, If you have any questions feel free to contact me on: 
Don't forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think! much love ♥


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